Sustainable holidays in the heart of the Braies Dolomites

Green inside

It is our responsibility to use resources such as water, energy, air and soil carefully and to leave an intact nature to our descendants. We focus on sustainability and try to make your holiday with us as eco-friendly as possible.

How do we do that? We will be happy to tell you!

10 reasons why you will sleep even better in our Residence:

  • 1. pure nature!
    With the largest renovation in the history of the Bergheim, we have brought even more nature into the house. Relax in the solid wood house made of local spruce.
  • 2. natural warmth in a cosy atmosphere.
    Our residence is constructed in a bioclimatic way, using the sun's energy passively through many glass surfaces facing south.
  • 3. breathing clean fresh air..
    We have only used natural wood fibre boards for the insulation of our low-energy house. This allows the wooden walls to breathe fresh air 24/7. But that shouldn't stop you from opening the window now and then and inhaling the refreshing mountain air yourself.
  • 4. don't just dream about the scent of the forest: experience it in your own four walls.
    Feel the calming effect in a bed made of "Zirben" wood: the heartbeat is lowered and you breathe more calmly and deeply as a result. The pleasant warm scent of the essential oils ensures restful sleep and our guests have more energy for the next holiday day.
  • 5. when the sun even shines even in the shower.
    Our guests also benefit from the sun's rays: when the sun shines, the solar system produces hot water.
  • 6. from the forest directly into the room.
    Should the sun (exceptionally) not shine, our pellet unit supports the heating and hot water production.
  • 7. let there be light!
    In order to save electricity, we almost exclusively use LED light bulbs.
  • 8. Recycling is our mission!
    We collect all waste separately and insert it in the recycling circuit for further processing. Help us to protect our environment and keep it clean.
  • 9. less is really less.
    We avoid all plastic packaging as much as possible. Help us to do so and buy regional and seasonal food from producers in the immediate vicinity: short distances - best taste - no or little packaging - less impact on the environment.
  • 10. We should toast to this!
    The refreshing mountain spring water from Herrenstein comes straight from the tap: pure and rich in minerals. Fill up your own drinking bottle with our delicious tap water.
Residence Bergheim - Sustainable holidays

And, curious now?

If you now have any questions about green matters or already know that you want to check in at the Bergheim, then get in touch with us and book your desired flat now.

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